Re: google's CLA

Date: 2014-01-20 08:15 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
(Same poster as the "Google CLA is similar to the Apache CLA and Chromium uses the BSD license" reply below. Still not speaking for Google or giving legal advice; still not a lawyer.)

I have no idea which is more common among for-profit company-backed projects, but there are plenty of examples (Opscode, Puppet Labs, Cyanogen, MongoDB and basically all other for-profit AGPL projects, all the ones that show up in a web search for "Contributor License Agreement"), but like the many nonprofit CLA-using projects that show up online, many are using licenses at least as permissive as Apache, not GPL-style strong copyleft. That said, a fair bunch do use GPL/LGPL/AGPL: in addition to Mongo and Digia/Qt, other prominent ones include SugarCRM, JBoss, Funambol, and of course the Oracle-inherited OpenJDK and MySQL.

I agree it's less common for companies these days to try the strong copyleft and CLA model, but it's also less common for them to use strong copyleft in general.
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