Re: mac developer working with linux

Date: 2014-05-19 09:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
> One simple example... ON OSX, I can use the Finder to navigate down to arbitrarily complex paths. I can copy the file (cmd-C), then paste into (cmd-V and It will put a path on the command line. On linux, when I do that, it pastes a URL. So, I have to navigate to go delete the 'file:/' at the front of each path. On top of that, I must right-click to paste for whatever reason. If you want me to use Linux, simple things like that need to just work as I would logically expect.

> I can learn new tools.

It seems to me you are used to ^C and ^V for copy-pasting, and, illogically, you assume these are rational. It also proves, by extension, that you cannot use new tools, although you believe you do. UNIXes terminals uses ^* for, emh, process control. Conveniently, Mac's added the Cmd button -- whether that is rational is irrelevant -- to bypass this behavior and harmonize desktop and console.

Regarding the file:// schema, they are defined in RFC 1630 and 1738, and, so, complying applications would resolve them correctly. However, you are right, the default behavior should be to assume this schema when not specified, or, more simply, change the file browser you use so it does not add the file schema.

Point is, one cannot generalize and rant when there is lack of knowledge or dogmatism.

Personally I do not use a DE, but a WM (when I am not using a 80x25 terminal). I do not believe in the uniformity some you believe exist. Apple simply provides a foundation and proposes best practices around which developers can build and extend. Now the FOSS community is incapable to agree on what the API should be, nor what should be those best practices. Hence, groups build DEs, others build VMs, others target the console users. All is right and okay, usability is not an exact science. Find what suits you best, pick the tool needed for the job. If it integrates, nice, if not, nice... a tool does the job. ;)

P.S. If one cannot navigate to arbitrarily complex path with a tool, pick an axe.
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