Date: 2016-10-29 08:01 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
We're at the point where it's time for action: we see the problem, we have people committed to solving the problem, and the problem is reaching peak visibility. What we lack are goals, leadership and manpower.

From a point of abstraction this is all helpful advice, however users often aren't able to or committed enough to get this information themselves, and this is one of those things we need the participation of the majority to fix. What we really need is for network security experts to publish a single professional, authoritative* document full of general rules of thumb that the average user can understand to protect themselves a bit better. For instance:

"As of 2016/10/29 we recommend these brands and these models, and here is how to secure them."
"You should be wary of buying devices that require you to modify your firewall in order to use them. Ask whether you will have to open ports to use this device remotely."
"The problem with webcams and security"
"Here are some routers that support the ability to connect to your home network securely, and here's how you can set that up"
"Here is a list of things you should think about reviewing after a messy breakup"
"Here are some tips on how to manage social engineers and stalkers"
"Did you know that iPhones can be set up to forward text messages to phones other than your own? Here's how to fix that."
"How to practice good password management that won't slow you down (that much)"
"Further reading"

Though obviously inexact and not a 100% guarantee of security, adherence to even basic security protocols would significantly improve the security ills we face today. Sometimes it's a mistake to get pissed at backward-thinking vendors instead of encouraging consumers to get something else that will actually protect them.

* These are both critically important, yet often overlooked. Maybe a committee should be formed.
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