A thought regarding Blake's Seven

Sep. 1st, 2015 12:57 pm
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The available evidence seems to suggest that the Federation is not engaged in significant economic exploitation of Cygnus Alpha.

Why, then - as a regime with a demonstrable willingness to outright murder its citizens - does it ship convicts there at great expense instead of just executing them?

(Note that the obvious Doylist answer is not interesting.)

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Overnight I've developed a temperature and cold symptoms, and am on IV antibiotics and fluids to combat them. This would have been much scarier at home.

I find this bay on the ward very wearing. I can't avoid hearing everything going on at each of the other 4 beds, whether it's loud daytime TV or people's diagnoses, arguments with family, biological functions, etc. And I'm highly conscious that the same applies to anything I say or do aloud.

There is an older woman who can't see well and is a bit confused, and she never remembers the nurse call bell, just calls out again and again. I want to be compassionate and understanding but at times I quite hate her :-(

Conference Design

Aug. 30th, 2015 10:33 pm
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I was clicking around on the Amtrak website and was reminded that the Pope is visiting Philadelphia next month. So I clicked through to the dedicated site for the visit and associated conference. So interesting! This list of patron saints for the conference (and this list of patron saints of the family in general) reminds me of other conferences' lists of keynote speakers.

I could (and will not) sign up to spend 30 or 60 minutes in adoration (silent prayer). The volunteering FAQ says you don't have to be a Catholic to volunteer (also, the Church will pay for your background check). They have training via online webinar, smartphone app, and a YouTube guide video.

I spent several minutes clicking around and reading their official prayer, their (sparse) info on accessibility, the suggestion that Philadelphians think of the Papal visit as like a snow weekend in terms of limitations on mobility.

Oh now I am reading the lesson plans for kids. Includes the note to the teacher: "Students may or may not be able to answer with depth. Try to lead them." I feel you.

Escape foiled

Aug. 30th, 2015 05:24 pm
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The nurse came to tell me that the consultant overruled the registrar and said no I don't get to go home after all.

I don't have words for how gutted I feel right now. (also deeply unimpressed by who gets landed with giving the bad news)


Feeling grumpy

Aug. 29th, 2015 11:46 am
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I'm having some unpleasant digestive TMI (which nurses and docs are clearly trying hard to address), as well as missing home, as well as feeling the utter lack of privacy on the ward quite hard. 

In an attempt to address low blood pressure I have been given a delicious milkshake with ice cream - which I promptly spilled down my nice clean hoodie. Bah.

My comfort-reading stash is getting quite the workout this morning, and I have visitors to look forward to, so I won't be grumpy forever :-) 

Visiting doodle

Aug. 27th, 2015 11:44 am
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Now expanded to 7th Sep as "can reasonably expect to be in at least till then, but maybe not long after": http://doodle.com/trxc2pkak5fnnyfp

Where I'm at with treatment

Aug. 27th, 2015 07:28 am
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The short version:
I have finished the first round of chemotherapy treatment, but I will need to stay in hospital for probably at least two more weeks. When and how I get to go home and what happens next is all a matter of wait, watch and see. I have daily blood tests, and those results are what’s being watched.

Long version: Read more... )

I have a Tumblr.

Aug. 25th, 2015 12:46 pm
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It's all [personal profile] arkady's fault. http://reddragdiva.tumblr.com/ Posting there a bit, and some of it even makes sense out of context.

Another sleepy day

Aug. 24th, 2015 07:29 pm
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Apparently to be expected at this stage. Also yet another bed move, which seems to have been driven by changes to the gender mix in the ward. I'm by a big window at least, with a view mostly of sky and concrete.

I'm also having platelets transfused as I type this. My first receipt from the National Blood Service, no doubt not the last.


Aug. 23rd, 2015 05:23 am
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I wasn't planning to watch them live, that would be ridiculous in this time zone, and hardly a low-stress option.

Except my body is apparently WIDE AWAKE.  Hurray for liveblogging (my reception in hospital isn't up to the full video stream even if it wasn't antisocial), and on with the excitement.

Visiting administration

Aug. 22nd, 2015 08:51 pm
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Clare's made me a visiting schedule for next week on Doodle; if you want to visit me, please write your name in and tick the slot that suits.  Only one person (or couple) per slot please.  No children but my own.

I am up to seeing people but I am not very up to tracking who is coming when, so we thought we'd give this a try.

Preemptive hair cut

Aug. 22nd, 2015 02:39 pm
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My hair's going to start falling out in another week or so. I decided to reduce the inevitable mess by cutting it short ahead of time, so this afternoon's exercise has been going back to the 9mm trim of 2013.  (also bonus less effort to stay clean and non-sweaty between now and Fallout Time)

Tony has tweeted a set of photos in-progress, and here's my hospital-bed selfie:

Haircut selfie

Charles enjoyed helping cut it; Nico wasn't that interested but has commented cheerfully that "your hair short like Daddy now".  Tony did all the buzzing :-)
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I woke up with a little morning burst of energy, and my wardmate persuaded the nurse to bring us some food (real breakfast turns up around 9am).  OJ & toast fuelled me through a shower and clean clothes, and my bed was freshly made by the morning nurse.  Now I might have a little lie down on it to recover before second breakfast :-)

I inhaled a new paranormal romance book a couple of days ago: Wolf in Sheep's Clothing by Lauren Esker is a warm, sweet romance between a were-sheep and a were-wolf from feuding families in rural USA.  I liked that the romance itself was straightforward and the conflict was real and external and not contrived by no-one having an honest conversation (there were some very touching honest conversations too!).  Also the wider family on both sides were great, especially the were-sheep granny matriarch.  It's 99p for about another day, I think.

As it had been so exactly the sort of thing I want to read right now, I signed up on the author's mailing list and have just bought her new release: Handcuffed to the Bear.  I'm a few chapters in, and enjoying it very much (it opens with the protagonists coming round from unconsciousness, handcuffed together on a remote island, wcpgw).  It's also currently 99p.

Lauren Esker is a penname of Sholio, who also happens to write some of my favourite MCU fanfic too :-) 

Hilarita made me a thing

Aug. 21st, 2015 06:55 pm
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A short appropriately-themed (i.e. death and medical advances) Discworld fanfic, now at AO3


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There’s a trope that KEEPS COMING UP in discussions with internet libertarians and/or anarcho-capitalists that fucking children, child porn etc. should totally be legal. Advocates can get quite incensed about it.

Motivations are an unholy blend of (1) the principle of the thing (1a) “children can totally decide for themselves! 12yos are famed for correct life decisions” (1b) “children are property, per Rothbard” (2) that the ‘berts in question are teenagers themselves and feel oppressed (3) that the ‘berts in question are mid-thirties or so and possibly not people you want within a mile of your social circles.

RationalWiki’s only ever “no just fuck off and never come back wtf moonmoon” hellban was after the mises.org webmaster posted his essay putting forth the libertarian argument for fucking children. (You can find it online, but not on RW kthx.)

So this is probably material for a RationalWiki article, because this trope KEEPS COMING UP. the problem is of course that this would involve (1) researching it (2) thinking about it in depth, neither of which appeals, so I’ve been avoiding it for a few years now.

(This is actually a distinct thing from Rothbard expounding upon how a free market in children would totally result in increased child welfare and not e.g. slavery.)

So, lazyweb! Has anyone else outside libertarian circles written up this trope as yet that i can crib from?

(If your very first reaction to this post is to expound upon the importance of whether we’re talking about adolescents or preadolescents, and you are neither, you may be part of the problem.)

Today is apparently for sleeping

Aug. 21st, 2015 12:52 pm
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 Some photos on twitter from yesterday and this morning, but I'm back to being mostly horizontal again it seems.

Edited to add:
Also apparently for moving beds. I'm no longer in H4 by myself, but on a 2-bed bay with Other Rachel, just off nurses' reception. Clearly doing too well :-)

Comment promotion & general update

Aug. 20th, 2015 08:29 am
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[personal profile] stephdairy said something lovely in a comment on one of the medical posts that I wanted to share more widely:

I always wondered what the defining characteristic of the future would be. It's not flying cars, it's not a moon colony, hell it's not even that you have a stonking chance of beating this thing... It's that you have people there even when they're not, that community, caring, and loving can span the globe.

It is so true. My physical world is very small right now (mostly in bed, though with a newly-decorated wall to look at and a reasonable view out of the window).  But my emotional/mental world is wide and sustaining, and I am incredibly grateful.

I have graduated to sitting up and using my laptop for short periods, rather than pecking things out on the phone or tablet.  This is so much nicer

I am more up to short visits now.  [personal profile] ceb is going to help me set up stuff to schedule it, when I get back to her :-)

For now, if you are in the area and want to pop in for a few minutes (on the understanding I might say "sorry, please go away" or be asleep), I am in bed H4 on D6 (it's signposted) and visiting hours are fairly relaxed.  Don't make special visits yet, because of aforementioned random may-be-asleep-or-antisocial.  Ironically I seem most awake first thing in the morning, which is when the staff here are busiest.

And please, please don't come if you have anything at all communicable.  That's probably the most important thing, not just for me, but for everyone on this ward.

click click click

Aug. 19th, 2015 02:09 pm
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That’s the noise my hard disk started making on Sunday. You could hear the cry of AAAAAAAA from the stratosphere.

I have reaped the just reward of being sloppy with backups and lost three months’ work. Four songs, one good, one really good, one not so good, one which would have been awesome if I’d got more than the sketch down probably. I have an old source file for one, none for the others. but! I had MP3s of two of them! So more Diva Rose for you!

  • Resonant (demo) (vocal guide) - I really like this song and the bass and drum sound really work here. This is the vocal guide version (that’s not [personal profile] arkady singing, that’s FluidSynth general MIDI sound font “ahh chorus” 52). The keyboard line needs work. I have an old source file and get to rebuild it.
  • Heaven’s Circle (demo) (vocal guide) - this one I lost the source file for too. The vocal line here is not great and the bridge isn’t done at all, but I like the drums. Got a beat and you can dance to it. I’m thinking here of the sort of obscure ‘80s new wave 12" that you never heard of until Burning The Ground ripped it.
  • Heaven’s Circle (demo) (karaoke) - same thing without the vocal line. Do your own!

I like indushtral noises and Arkady is really a folkie, so probably we should do neofolk. Socialist neofolk of course: acoustic guitar with noises, glitches and stirring internationalist sagas of social justice. Late period Frank Tovey but with better tunes. Tumblr should be an excellent place to ascertain what terms and concepts crypto-and-not-so-crypto-fascists will find optimally triggering.

(yes I know Tovey did an LP with Boyd Rice I own a Boyd Rice CD and Re-Search #11: Pranks! and saw him live once if only he wasn’t enormously musically important and would stop talking like a stupid person’s idea of how smart people talk dammit)

(also the Fad Gadget-related articles on Wikipedia need a serious cleanup)

I now have Dropbox set up.


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