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Oct. 12th, 2015 10:30 pm
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First, a picture of me, showing off my new SHAWL (made to order for me by [personal profile] killing_rose / RavenYarnworks - it is the cookie monster shawl on the Etsy page, only with different yarn):

Showing off new shawl

Some closeups of the knitting (click through for bigger photos if you are keen on this kind of thing):

Shawl detailShawl detailShawl detail

And finally, two lovely photos from my dad's visit on Saturday. The children were persuaded to pose together to update the background photo on my dad's tablet from one of Charles holding a baby Nico:

Happy siblings posing together

My dad spent some time helping Nico paint, to both their apparent satisfaction:

Painting together

Charles was also kind enough to supply me with a new icon. I seem to be quite good at provoking his facepalm lately; we are clearly reaching "MUM, you're so EMBARRASSING" territory.

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the nascent rationalwiki article on the term “social justice warrior” is going great. main thing it needs is firmer detail on the earliest coinage of the term.

the earliest pejorative usage we can find (and knowyourmeme concurs) is will shetterly’s blog tone-policing “social justice warriors” versus “social justice activists”.

in the sort of “5 minutes with google” research sk1llz that will one day have us up there with cracked, i found earlier usages from 2007 and 2008, proudly applying the term to people who worked hard to make the world a somewhat better place.

so what i’m really after:

  1. any earlier pejorative usages;
  2. any earlier non-pejorative usages.

your assistance would be most welcomed.

the oxford english dictionary’s quick definition site, btw, appears to have been infiltrated by the socjus menace: their definition is simply “A person who expresses or promotes socially progressive views”, but one of their example sentences is “Some of them admit they’re afraid that social justice warriors will ruin video games.”

(also, why can’t my terrible research skills find any sociologists talking about tumblr sjws. back in the ‘90s, sociologists and students seemed desperate to find anything resembling a subculture to write about. i ran a fanzine and was fending off calls regularly.)

please forward this anywhere you think would be helpful.


Oct. 12th, 2015 10:40 am
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As most of you have probably seen on Facebook, [ profile] obandsoller and I got engaged over the weekend. I am, predictably, a huge sappy pile of mush jumping over the moon.

We've had an understanding for quite a while that we'd probably get married eventually, but a few weeks ago I asked Ramesh how he felt about us getting engaged now, even though church stuff meant that we probably wouldn't actually get married for quite a long time. He said he wanted to think about it, and then on Saturday night he said that he'd thought about it and "Yes." I'm very very happy.

We're intending quite a long engagement. We're probably going to be buying a house in a few months, so we won't even be thinking about planning until that's done and the dust has settled. And then there's still the church stuff to figure out - I'm both the one who really wants the church wedding, and the one who is more invested in marriage generally, so I suspect it largely comes down to whether the point at which the impatience for the latter outweighs the former happens before or after the CoE drags itself kicking and screaming into the 21st century, but that is a worry for another day.

Right now, I'm just going to glow in the knowledge that this wonderful, beautiful, kind, fascinating man is daft enough to want to spend the rest of his life with me.

Can't sleep? Write a blog post!

Oct. 7th, 2015 12:36 am
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I read half of Ancillary Mercy in my outpatient appointment in E10 and the other half at home earlier this evening.  I adored it.  It is a very satisfying conclusion to the trilogy; it had me metaphorically on the edge of my seat at times; and there was cuddling.  I APPROVE.  I will probably reread it shortly just to revel in it more slowly.  I should go see what kind of price I have to pay for Adjoa Andoh to read it to me as well, as I've adored her reading of the first two.  (Answer: too much, and it isn't available for another day anyway)

Outpatient appointments are going well so far: last week I had chemo every day Tuesday-Friday, and this week and next I have monitoring appointments Tuesday and Friday.  The day unit can't organise the week after next for me yet because it's dependent on the monitoring results ...

(more about appointments behind cut because medical detail)

Read more... )

It has slowly been sinking in since last Monday just how wonderful, delightful, etc it is to have got into remission, to be on the standard treatment path with its very high chances of success, to be most definitely winning.

Today is a day of great celebration

Oct. 6th, 2015 02:16 pm
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Charles is nine today, and also Ancillary Mercy is released.

I have an outpatient appointment today and I said a few days ago "oh, I can read AM during the appointment ... oh, but it's at 3pm, I'll probably have finished the book by then".  Ahahaha.  I was up a bit too late last night and got up a bit earlier than I would have liked to be with C and other household members while presents were opened, and promptly slept another four hours or so.

So I am about to depart for the hospital with AM unread.

Oh hey, it's the 1st October

Oct. 1st, 2015 05:23 pm
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And I'm still here[1], hurrah for medical research[2] and care.

A good day I think to post the updated How You Can Help list:.

Direct help
  1. Offer me lifts to/from Addenbrookes. I'm going to have a lot of outpatient appointments there between now and February or so, potentially any day of the week. Of the half-dozen so far, one was an hour, one was 3.5 hours, the rest were about 90 minutes. A number of lovely people have already offered and helped, but if you have a car and are willing to add yourself to their number, email me with a rough idea of whether there are typical times you could manage and how often you'd be willing to do so - and also whether you'd want to do a one-way trip or to wait around and do both ways. (I get reduced car parking as an outpatient, if needed.)
  2. Take one or both children out to play for an hour or two at weekends, e.g. at the local playground. Best arranged by emailing me.
  3. Invite Tony to things: pubs, cinema trips, parties, etc. I can't do these things right now, but he can, and could use a bit more social time outside the house. Best arranged by emailing him.
My preferred email address is rmcf @
Tony's is dot @

Indirect help
  1. Financial donations to the following:
  2. Blood donation. I've already had multiple platelet and red blood cell transfusions and will need more over the coming months. (This comes with the caveat that not everyone can or should donate blood, and I strongly feel that no-one should feel guilty for not doing so.)
  3. Bone marrow register.  (Anthony Nolan Trust runs one, as does the NHS; they work together).  I should not need a bone marrow or stem cell transplant ... but if I do, the registers increase my chance of finding a match.  This comes with the same caveats as blood donation, only even more strongly because marrow or stem cell donation are a rather more serious commitment and procedure.

I also want to thank everyone who responded with pictures and gossip and visits etc to the list Tony posted for me soon after I was first admitted. I was greatly comforted, and very touched.  I feel tremendously grateful for the wealth of friendship and family support we have had revealed.

[1] The morning the consultant let me go home, he said cheerily "These days, most deaths from this cancer have happened by this stage if they're going to."

[2] This
paper summarising "state of the art" treatment for APL, i.e. what I am currently following, was published in 2006.  Twenty years ago my chances would have been far worse.

Friday before the AFL Grand Final

Oct. 1st, 2015 12:23 pm
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that's literally the official name of a new public holiday in victoria.

i used to live here, about 500 metres from the mcg. every friday night, saturday (twice) and sunday (twice) in winter, people desperate for parking for the footy would literally park in the middle of the street just ‘cos they could, and never mind anyone who e.g. lived there and had a car.

i became an ardent non-fan of football that year (1999), and also city of yarra traffic wardens became my greatest heroes. i’d call and encourage them to come over for rich pickings. at the time parking fines were something like 20% of the city of yarra’s income, and it couldn’t have come from more deserving targets.

i slightly miss many of my past houses, but not that one ‘cos it was a fucking dump and so was that bit of richmond in general. it was cheap because it was scheduled for demolition just as soon as (unspecified shonky financial shenanigans). i think it was still there when i left melbourne in 2002. otoh, we rented the third bedroom to friends for their serious-level SCA costume-making and antique sewing machine. (they lived 75m away on punt road in a teeny flat.) we literally had a robot housemate that never ate, spoke or left its room but paid rent. that bit was perfect.

though that is an awesomely ‘strayan official title for a holiday.

and in conclusion, fuck football. and traffic wardens are great and you should give one a smile today.

House things

Sep. 29th, 2015 06:30 pm
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Cambridge people: can you recommend to me?
  • a window cleaner
  • a general handyperson (competent with drill and screwdriver, simple painting, etc)
  • an electrician


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