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Sure. I don't believe that it's possible without Windows for the final upload - it really needs Silverlight. Running IE under Wine may be sufficient, but I couldn't be bothered. Anyway.
  1. Go to and log in with a Live account.
  2. Follow the link to the Verisign (now Symantec) page for creating a new company account. Ignore the use of the word company - you can do this as an individual.
  3. Follow the instructions and purchase an individual key for code signing. You'll be emailed a form to attach a copy of your notarised ID to, so get that filled in and signed and send them back a copy by email.
  4. Export the key from your browser as a .p12 file.
  5. Go back to and download the zip file containing winsign.exe. Use pesign or sbsign and the key you exported to sign this file, and then upload it to to enable your account.
  6. Sign the legal agreements - this just involves you typing your name into a box.
  7. Put the file you want to get signed into a cab file. lcab will do this,
  8. Sign the cab file with your Verisign key. osslsigncode will do this.
  9. Upload the file to The uploader is Silverlight for no obviously good reason.
  10. Wait for the upload to be processed. I think this happens a couple of times a week, so be prepared to wait a few days (I had to)
  11. You'll get an email when signing is complete. Download the cab file and use cabextract to retrieve your signed binary.
Total cost is $99 plus however much it costs to get something notarised where you are.
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