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The Samsung laptop issue is not fixed

The recent Linux kernel commits avoid one mechanism by which Samsung laptops can be bricked, but the information we now have indicates that there are other ways of triggering this. It also seems likely that it's possible for a userspace application to cause the same problem under Windows. We're still trying to figure out the full details, but until then you're safest ensuring that you're using BIOS mode on Samsung laptops no matter which operating system you're running.

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I'm eager to read the full details (


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Is there a CVE # for this? Are you submitting to MITRE?

Re: CVE?

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Thats stupid and from a PR prospective annoying. Given all the hard work you have done its frustrating to see this go out in the press as "Linux is not ready for EFI" instead of "Samsung has a hardware security bug"

Re: CVE? Samsung has a hardware security bug

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Is the Samsung NP540U3C-A01 Ultrabook affected?

Any news?

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Does anyone know if the situation has changed? I've looked and I couldn't see a firmware update on the samsung site yet.