Thinkoad Bricked... related?

Date: 2013-03-13 03:31 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
This might be totally unrelated and coincidental, but a couple days ago my thinkpad was bricked.

I have an Edge E430 (3254-CTO). I was booting Arch on kernel 3.8.2 (CK patchset) when it stalled. This wasn't unusual as there has been major changes in LVM2 with Arch that I have been still trying to figure out. So I manually scanned for the PV when I had a kernel panic.

The kernel panic was really funky looking with very little info having been dumped (maybe 7-10 short jumbled lines). Though this may have been because I was in the initrd still.

After that I was not able to boot whatsoever. No POST or anything. The fan spins like it is going to do something, but nothing after. I even put the optical drive back in so that i could see if it saw that. It spins like it always does when power is applied, but nothing else.

Since you are the only person who seems to be an authority on this particular problem, I am trying to contact you.

Hopefully I will get a reply from you here. I will check periodically. My computer has been sent for repair, but I should contact you at the very least.
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