Someone wrote in [personal profile] mjg59 2013-07-15 08:06 am (UTC)

Linus on Windows 8 hardware.

I have a VAIO Duo 11 and to get to the boot menu for a USB you need to press an Assist key that is entirely different to the power button and in a location that you would not normally expect - under the front part of the device/ keyboard. You then get a menu for BIOS or USB, or Ethernet boot. This will only work if you fully shut down the device - not it's typical anticipated mode of operation. It still doesn't boot from the USB.

I have a Toshiba P50T (4th gen i7) and cannot get it to boot from a bootable USB.

The USB is a bootable Ubuntu instance (current at time of posting).

I have tried disabling secure boot in the Sony BIOS, but it made no difference.

A legacy Toshiba Satellite Pro A120 boots from the USB not problems e.g. the USB is verified.

The result is I have two high end very much contemporary devices that are useless for booting anything other than Windows 8.

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