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You call yourself a big-government, open-source person, and that is the dominant ideology on hacker news. The fact that smart people are often libertarian means that there's more libertarian there than you might expect, but you cannot be a libertarian on hacker new for long, without getting banned.

Literally, in response to someone spewing global warming pseudo-science, I once linked to a peer reviews paper that disagreed with their claims, and was shadow banned for it.

I cited a paper and got banned from HN. Why? Because HN is ideologically leftist / pro-FSF (anti-open source) / pro-google anti-Apple.

Sure there are people who express opinions contrary to this on HN, but they cannot last long.

The ideological filter and shadow bans from unaccountable mods mean that the site is nothing more than a mindless echo chamber for people who agree to agree with each other.

What's really pathetic and alarming is just how much these people think they are having "intelligent" discussions, when any independant thought is ruthlessly purged from the site.

I blame Paul Graham, who has already repeatedly shown himself to be a man with no ethics (look at the lies he told in the AirBnB trashed apartment scandal) for this.

The site was created to foster a cult of personality for himself, and to groom innocent children to be exploited by his "accelerator".

Hacker News is a cult, with ruthless ideological filtering.
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