Date: 2014-05-19 07:59 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Agreed. I was somewhat recently in the market for a new laptop, when I started my search I was looking for a windows ultrabook with a price around ~1000 dollars. Everything I found was disappointing in one way or another (most commonly they had poor battery life for the price). during the search I just kept coming back to the macbook air even though I wasn't even looking for a mac, the touchpad and battery life just seemed to blow anything else in the price range away. Some of the ultrabooks had nice screens, but that wasn't my priority.

When I bought the MBA and used it I was immediately amazed with the touchpad. Both the touchpad hardware, and the OSX driver/touchpad integration was flawless. Everything from the scrolling to the gestures just works so damn well. I've always *loathed* using windows on a laptop because if its shitty touchpad support, most features were left up to the touchpad driver itself (synaptics etc... and their drivers were usually really buggy), and even basics like two finger scrolling never worked well. I had actually used linux for years on my previous two laptops, because I found even linux was much nicer to use with a touchpad than windows. /windows touchpad rant

I ended up disappointed with though, even though there was a lot I liked about it, because the linux desktop's quality control just isn't there yet, way too many bugs and regressions with every release, at times I felt like I was spending way more time reporting bugs, trying to work around bugs, and distro/desktop hopping than actually using my computer.

So far the MBA has hands down my favorite laptop and OSX has quite good to me (although not without its own issues).
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