Date: 2014-05-19 12:25 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
> They don't need a nicer IDE.

Yes they do. Pretty much all the suggestions you made have already been implemented in one IDE or the other, Eclipse, Visual Studio, Emacs, etc. Does any of them support OpenStack development well? Maybe not.

And by the way, most IDEs overlay the entire desktop. Simply because IDEs are meant to be exactly that: a "developer's Desktop".

Eclipse is especially relevant to your point because it was designed to be extensible/a framework from the ground up: there are countless plugins to do anything, including querying bug trackers, terminals, remote (target) debugging, file transfers,... and of course Eclipse is able embed the operating system's browser. Many Java developers almost never look at the "real" desktop behind Eclipse. Last time I checked support for C/C++ was not as good as for Java but it was a long time ago.

Note I am not saying Eclipse is the perfect IDE (far from that!) - it's just one demonstration that your suggestions have been implemented already. Just a data point.

Now, like someone already wrote above, Eclipse runs everywhere so why would you switch to Linux for it?

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