Date: 2014-05-20 02:28 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
i'm using Linux since 2008-*, i accept during early days up-to 2005, they never cared much about user experience. But this scenario changed after release of Unity and Gnome 3, developers wanted some thing that doesn't get in their way of daily task, this GNOME really cared about. I would say in recent time GNOME changed a lot than Unity when it comes to user experience.

i have used OSX for some time through my friends laptop, i don't like how touchpad works which makes me lose my mind in what i want to do. then again this is my experience. Moreover this is not needed for developers for never used macs on their first time basis.

Tools and App needed is already available in linux world, but it takes one distro to put it all together which is exactly what Fedora is trying to do. On Hardware, apple does offer something that rivals can't match, most important thing is battery which is huge when compared to others. i disagree on battery lifetime. it is greatly improved in 2013-present timeline.

My conclusion is 2014 will be good year for development on user experience on gnu/linux.
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