Re: Would like some help picking those toys up?

Date: 2015-11-20 07:45 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)

when people reply to a blog post they do it after actually reading it. This post raises some interesting concerns and you choose to not give any specific answer to these concerns. As a matter of fact your reply validates what Matthew wrote about you: "he won't answer you if you ask him direct questions about this policy and will insist that it's necessary to protect Ubuntu's brand."

At the same time you attack Matthew with some name-calling. Your response is very immature. I would say you only do bad to your company's reputation by such poor replies. I read on the comments someone saying that he's switching to Debian as fast as he can because of this reply!

Unfortunately you still haven't replied why can't Ubuntu have the same marketing policy Fedora has which makes it quite easy for forks to exist and keep being free software in practice while protecting Fedora's brand. Or as stated in the blog post "isolate their trademarks in a small set of packages, then tell users that those packages must be replaced if distributing a modified version of Ubuntu".

This suggests that this isn't a branding issue but more of an attempt to impose restrictions on distributing forks, which isn't free software at this point.

Kind regards,
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