Date: 2015-11-21 10:10 am (UTC)
Canonical can't add arbitrary restrictions just by virtue of saying they do, especially vaguely saying they have but won't say how. If so I could do the same and I'd get a lot more hugs than I do now A policy doesn't have any way of arbitrarily adding restrictions just because it's said in an authoritative language.

Nobody has a problem with trademarked branding needing to be removed but no court will consider an e-mail address to be branding. Remove the splash screen and a few other obvious uses and it's all good.

I do wish people would stop being bullied about by Canonical and imaging problems that could exist, I've never seen any restrictions which stand up to any serious scrutiny in making a derived distribution of Ubuntu. Everything in Ubuntu is licensed as free software very explicitly. It would take some equally explicit and well understood way of restricting it to have a valid problem. Otherwise it's just like believing in a god because someone in an authoritative tone of voice says you should without any evidence.

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