Overall agree, but

Date: 2015-11-23 02:22 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I don't see the "even cases which wouldn't be infringement" at all and the literal reading is more uncertain than you make out. But I agree overall, and it doesn't make it much better.

First, In the same document, it details acceptable uses of it's trademark. So, no, not "all trademarks." And that list is obviously not exhaustive, so I don't think it would be fair to assume that that policy or your quote are meant to cover obviously non trademark infringing cases. And your changelog example is arguably covered by that policy as an "article."

Secondly, beyond that limitation, you can literally read your quote in 2 ways. The other one is that the the amount of trademark removal needed is some undefined threshold of a distro having "association with the trademarks." By example of a similar quote: I own a 50 mile road, theres a store 5 miles in, at the start of the road I have a sign which says "To get to the store, you can pay me to give you a ride. Otherwise, you must walk the road" Your way of literal reading is "I have to walk 50 miles." No, a correct literal reading still uses the context that the walking is in order to get to the store 5 miles in, so it would be 5 miles not 50. Canonical's 2 sentences have the same structure, paraphrasing: "To redistribute modifications, if you associate with our trademark, pay us. Otherwise, you must remove trademarks." Removing trademarks is /how/ to not "associate it with their trademarks", not requirement to walk 50 miles.

Anyways, overall totally agree.
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