Dell XPS 15 InfinityEdge

Date: 2016-09-21 10:29 pm (UTC)
I have skylake Dell XPS 15 Infinity Edge. It came with NVMe hard drive configured in a RAID setting which was not recognised by the Ubuntu installer. In the BIOS settings I was able to change that to something normal instead (it was listed as AHCI or some such), after that NVMe based installation worked with Ubuntu, but Windows 10 failed to boot. To resolve that, I had to reboot Windows 10 in safety mode, switch from raid to AHCI, boot into safety mode again, which I guess regenerated the "kernel modules included in the Windows boot process" or some such. After that, both Ubuntu and Windows 10 boot happily ever after. This is unfortunately well documented I wish windows would always include AHCI driver and/or the OEMs/Vendors did. Are we sure that it's not just the standard Intel Matrix Raid configuration which is supported by MDADM? Ubuntu Desktop installer doesn't support Intel Matrix RAID configuration out of the box at the time.
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