Re: libreboot

Date: 2016-10-04 10:42 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
What's horrifying about it?

"Richard Stallman commented Friday, "The dismissal of the staff person was not because of her gender. Her gender now is the same as it was when we hired her. It was not an issue then, and it is not an issue now."

Following RMS' comments, the Free Software Foundation issued an official statement on late Friday night. It regards in part by John Sullivan, the executive director, "while we understand that it is difficult whenever an employment relationship ends, the suggestion that the separation was a result of discriminatory animus is unfounded.""

It sounds like this is a situation whose public understanding is founded on hearsay. If there are no guilty at the FSF, and is nothing to apologise for, will you be satisfied with no firings and no apologies? :)
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