Date: 2017-01-23 02:44 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Why do we have to accept or reject all the permissions at once, and before installing the application?

Can't we instead let the application install and then, when it tries to access sensible information, Android should ask us if we want to allow that action? or to always allow/deny it?

If it's ok, everything is fine, else the developer have to handle it.

So when an application tries to access your contacts, you can reply: no you don't, never, thank you.

Even better in my opinion would be three choices, allow, deny, and give forged/fake information. I wouldn't mind making a fake contact list with some of my emails and see if i get spam after some application had access to it. Or giving gps information for another place, because that one application doesn't let you choose your location.

As for disk access, i'd like to jail an application to only one selected folder, and not letting everybody have a look at what's on my sdcard. For example, i'd like to lock VLC and MX Player to a Media folder and subfolders, and nothing else.

And disabling network access to some applications (without having to install no-root firewalls and such), that would be great too.
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