Re: It's a lost fight

Date: 2017-01-27 01:26 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
He's right, On a computer, antivirus applications have root (administrator) access. Rootkit scanners and firewalls may also have administrator or root level access. KSN or the Kaspersky Security Network which is suggested during install when you install any Kaspersky product in Microsoft Windows basically turns over everything about you, your computer, and hash of your files to Kaspersky.

Who do you trust the least? Microsoft, Kaspersky, Romainian antivirus, or the Government. Well, they all state inside the license agree they work with governments. In that respect, you are better off not using any of these products.

That's beside the point, many computers made in the past 10 years have a tracking chip which cannot be removed or is very difficult to remove. Smartphones themselves are tracking devices.

Open source code is no help, because everybody runs binaries and automated installers. I hate to say this but Redhat Enterprise is the likely the most secure environment - secure as you can get anyway and since it's commercial, someone can be held responsible in the court of law. That doesn't mean the government has not inserted a trojan horse which will activate when you run gpg.

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