Re: I have a question about your GRUB2

Date: 2017-03-09 09:32 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Thanks for your comment, and I could manage to finally install your GRUB2 correctly. In configure, I set "--target=x86_64", and "--platform==efi". However, after I finally ran "grub-install" generated in the build directory and rebooted the system, I got a short boot error message saying "error: no symbol table" and then the system transited to my original bootloader's GRUB2. Here I booted Linux, and I see that hash values are measured upto PCR9, but PCR10~14 (kernel image) are all zero.

So in terminal, I ran "update-grub" which was the binary from my old GRUB2, and now kernel completely panicks. I think it's because I should have run your new GRUB's "update-grub" binary, but I couldn't find any newly generated "update-grub" in the build directory.

Would "error: no symbol table" be a cause of PCR10~!4 not being measured? Or should I run a newly generated "update-grub" by your code? (but I can't find this binary)
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