Re: graphical console in linux

Date: 2017-05-03 03:47 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
A few more things.

1) Enabling kvm is a very important step that's easy to miss. Meshcentral doesn't give you any helpful hints if you forget it.

2) When the remote graphical console is in use, the _physical_ display will have an alternating yellow/red border and will periodically go blank. Impossible to miss and highly annoying (if you're OK with the remote access). I suspect there's a way to disable this when connecting with one of the expensive/"secure" tools, as otherwise the poor person being helped would start bleeding from the eyes.

3) On the device I've used it with, a monitor must be plugged in or the remote graphical console won't work.

4) When the OS initializes NICs, it may cause AMT to lose connectivity. I tried to give my ME its own hostname in the BIOS config (which should fix this), but got incomprehensible errors when I tried to change the option. On multi-NIC systems, one solution is to prevent the OS from using the NIC shared with AMT.
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