Date: 2017-07-18 02:32 pm (UTC)
s/from the TPM//

The TPM isn't the only place we want secrets from at early boot. Additionally, we may want to use TPM as a piece of a large policy involving other sources.

The clevis[0] project already does this. We also ship in RHEL 7.4 and Fedora 26+. Although this initial release doesn't support TPM, we already have an active pull request for TPM support which will land in the next version.

The main challenge I see with this proposal is bringing up additional hardware (such as network). Dracut already supports this. But I assume that by "small" you are also implying "not dracut."

Another alternative is to perform all our key recovery in UEFI, which already has (hit or miss) network support and pass the key to the (trusted) kernel from there.

However, we would very much like to be in the loop of whatever you're planning.

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