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Many of the people who *work* (as you rightly pointed out) in those "communities" may not be there of their own volition, but may have been pressured to join various workflows and/or events because of their occupation.

As such, the idea that there would be a "shared set of behavioural expectations" which is somehow distinct from society is problematic. I believe this is an aspect which merits a bit more consideration of your part.

You should, at the very least, properly define what "community" and "membership" means. (E.g., being a "Debian developer" is a clear thing, and Debian is very disciplined about who holds which powers. This has a huge cost—much higher than "just adopting a CoC"—but also builds legitimacy.)

Your tweet was advocating "disciplining" members. (Your post, at least, is a bit tamer.) That word in particular is why I am reacting to your write-up; I think there is enough authoritarian talk around without you adding to it.

I know of only one case where we accept that people be involuntarily placed under the authority of a system which can discipline them, and that's citizenship. Everything else must be a *contract*, and fully voluntary—or the authority is fundamentally illegitimate.

(Note that I fully support reporting "cases" to judicial authorities, and finding ways of improving the judiciary. I fully agree that police forces must be fully held accountable for their use of their vested authority. I am also happy when the likes of Weinstein are forced to reconsider their position by a lucky turn of events—but we must still consider that a temporary fix rather than an "independent justice which works.")
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