Re: Talking about "community" is too broad

Date: 2017-12-21 03:08 pm (UTC)
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People have had their livelihoods destroyed over their bad behavior. For example, if you are an accountant and steal money from your clients and get caught, your livelihood will rightfully be destroyed. You will probably never get to work in that field again.

I like how people are drawing connections between software communities and society. Some of the things happening are not limited to software. They are patterns repeated over and over when people decide that their community is some unique and exceptional place that does not have to follow societal norms.

For example, the Catholic church was going to deal with its pedophiles on its own. The Society of Creative Anachronisms was also going to deal with its pedophiles on its own. We can draw a pretty clear line of not putting pedophiles in positions where they come in contact with many children. In most places, every one who works with children in a public setting has to undergo a background check and get fingerprinted. If you volunteer to work with children, you do this.

In general, I don't care about your hobbies, but you can't be an outspoken leader in one field associated with your livelihood and also an outspoken leader in an area that undermines your respectability. For example, in the US, teachers are typically driven out of the field if they have ever worked in porn. (I think that it is a little unfair for teachers being the only people who pay a price in this situation. The students who are being disruptive and watching porn and telling all their classmates about it should face some consequences.)
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