Re: Talking about "community" is too broad

Date: 2017-12-21 03:35 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
> if you are an accountant and steal money from your clients and get caught, your livelihood will rightfully be destroyed.

"Rightfully"? According to whom?

(You are likely to undergo imprisonment, or at least be sentenced, but this is about punishing the crime, not destroying the livelihood. Destroying an otherwise legal livelihood is, in itself, always is a bad idea, as you are then forcing the perpetrator to find another way to survive without taking advantage of their knowledge. Proportionality, please.)

More generally: none of this is limited to software, nor is it limited to "communities." It's about organizing a decent society to live in—without, hopefully, fragmenting it in various subgroups which consider themselves more virtuous or righteous than other citizens, because that cannot possibly end well.
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