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In the pass you talked about EFI Variable Storage Reclaim in UEFI.

I using Phoenix Secure Core 2.2.3. I rolled Bios back in T/S an issue. Tried to roll it forward later but could not. EVSA Exhausted out of space. I've rebooted to the machine many times. Reclaim of EFI variable space does not seem to happen.
If tell the Dosflash or ShellFlash64 to flash my Capsule is falls thru because of the error. I add a /cvar option to clear variables but I don't think thats executed because it must first check security of a capsule that wasn't loaded because of the error. Plus clear isn't the same thing as reclaim in my mind.

I've been search for a clear method to force the reclaim process to enage and clean up the EFI Variable space. I found one method on Count Chu blog post from 2014. "ToolB.EFI". But he never list the the souce of the tool or a copy of it for download.

I've seen some of your posts too on the matter. I'm noted today something was done in linux kernel 3.9.7 too with regard to proper report of EFI variable free space in "EFI.C". And it made it in that kernel.

Do have any method that would force the reclaim function to engage. From Linux? From Shell64?
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