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Well, if you're the same person (and I believe you are) who not only knocked Mat for producing "fluff" with this and other posts (furthest thing from it; did you actually rtfa?) and the same person who had to use the chalk-on-chalkboard terminology "virtue signaling" and the same person who said you don't care how Google makes its money then I don't believe you. And it doesn't matter, because you're a jerk. Mat has a tendency to let the first commenter/s ruin everything - if this were my blog I would've tossed your baseless "fluff" right in the trash but hey, so it's not.

On the bright side, you reminded me I finally have a comment policy in place for my own blog after many years of not having any I could live with - one strike and you're deleted/just gone forever. Surely will save me most of these kinds of headaches.
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