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(Same OP here) You are obviously hurt and threatened by someone like me criticizing Matthew because you seem to have this idea that Matthew is somehow very virtuous and right and when someone speaks ill of him they must be wrong or in your terminology a “jerk”. As far as I know Matthew is still a human and he is also susceptible to the same biases he accuses others to possess.

Once upon the time there was a very critical man who said he did not want to live in a self-congratulating bubble of awesomeness. This man became adored by many, including yourself, for often being right about subjects that mattered to most. However, just like many before him, he started developing a selective amnesia about where his exuberant paycheck was coming from and what effect this had on the wider society. The problem is that this causes lots cognitive dissonance and from time to time this gets projected onto others who are deemed to be less virtuous. When I saw this happening to this man, I thought I might do this man a favor by bringing it to his attention the way he is projecting his own daemons onto others. Perhaps I was wrong.
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