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Sure, however I think you are perfectly capable of understanding that this was not meant to discuss Google. Somehow I seriously doubt you would remain silent about a company that produces F/OSS by exploiting minorities for example. Everything one does has consequences. The excessive pays and benefits in ad-tech combined with the omerta (legal or not) to talk about the consequences can make even the most hardcore F/OSS idealist disillusioned to keep on going.

Nota bene; I don’t know how this handled in the US, but here in Europe business models like Uber, Deliveroo, etc that are based on the labor of self-employed contractors are being highly scrutinized by both labor unions and government. These non-employees are often exploited and discarded at will. As someone like yourself, who is in favor of more employee rights, I find it truly strange that you promote a company whose business model is essentially the same for the future of F/OSS.
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