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Doesn't a lot of this depend on the device you are taling about? How is this different from an Android phone (or tablet) today that has a locked boot loader? It is a part of the "package" that is sold. Clearly, a "desktop" machine should have the ability to load (i.e. disable the security of the UEFI check) other OS's - just as SOME (but not all) android phones are able to be unlocked so we can load things like CyanogenMod, etc.

BUT, there are other types of devices that are NOT going to be "open", and a MFG doesn't have the moral or legal imperative to make a device OPEN if they choose not to. YES - that will be a deciding factor for MANY, just as the choice to buy an Android over an iPhone is a choice some of us make in order to get the freedom we desire.

BUT, I agree with the last statement - DON'T PANIC...We (collectively) are smart enough to find a way to work through this, and WIN8 is at least 12 Months away (maybe more).
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