Overscan selection

Date: 2012-01-06 01:15 pm (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
My TV (a Kogan KGN1080P32VAA - based on a CultraView CV119MA mainboard) has another new and exciting quirk. See rant here:


Overscan compensation is used for 1920x1080 input on the HDMI port(s) ... if a HDMI audio signal is detected from the source. You can not get a decent picture and HDaMI audio at the same time. Either you get HDMI audio and a butchered picture, or you get to use the single 3.5mm minijack for audio input and get a decent picture.

This makes the 3 HDMI ports kind of useless, because to get a decent picture you have to have them all share the same audio input. Um, yay?

As if that isn't craptastic enough, the TV also sends the EDID for a 720p display on its HDMI ports. The vendor refuses to fix this and won't disclose specs or firmware info so I can fix it myself. Grr!

There is, of course, also no way to turn off the "sharpening" and other fun.

Why can't they JUST DISPLAY THE PIXELS THEY ARE SENT? Is it really that hard?

(I tried to log in with OpenID, but DreamWidth doesn't like my Google OpenID for some reason; you can get me at http://blog.ringerc.id.au/ anyway)
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